Design Services

Students in the Architecture & Design program of LA Trade Tech have been designing beautiful layouts for cargo containers for 10 years.  Not only are the efficient units pleasing, but this group believes in sustainability, which means landscaping!

Manufacturing & Retrofitting

ModPod Solutions takes once-used cargo containers and turns them into upscale restaurants.  They'd like to customize them for the homeless - 20' for 1 person, 40' for 2 people, and stacked units for families and communities.

Homeless Resources

Nick Rasmussen has been working with families in the South Bay when they become temporarily homeless.  He knows, and has taught the rest of us, that homeless people are not an homogeneous group - they come as individuals and as families, and with all needs - which Nick and his group are fully able to assess and serve.

Other places are already doing it!

Seattle in particular is welcoming their homeless into their backyards as neighbors - LA County can be just as welcoming!

We just need a prototype to show everyone...

Our Tiny City idea to create economical, beautiful, resourceful places for the homeless is our Service to L.A. County!  Cargo Containers are so much better than trailers – they are solar and easily stackable;  and they are readily available at a low cost, then customizable at a reasonable cost.

Our hope with the LA2050 award is to build a prototype so we can show everyone – residents, government officials and the homeless – what a great solution this is!

Next Steps...

Be the first community to show your neighbors that the homeless are our neighbors too!